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May 2015

Book Name: The God of Small Things
Book Category : Special Collection
Book Writer: Arundhati Roy
Book Format: Portable Document Format
Book Language: English & Bengali

Book Review: 
Arundhati Roy is a legend among south asian young writers. The God of small Things was published in 1996 and become best seller book. In October 1997 won Booker Prize. She expresses in his book the Midnight Children's thoughtout. The God of Small Things quickly skyrocketed Arundhati Roy to worldwide critical and popular acclaim. This book has win Bookar prize at 1997 written by Arundhati Roy. The Book "The God Of Small Things" is Translated in Bengali by Abir Hossain. Download Bangla Translated  PDF eBook and Read  The God Of Small Things By Arundhati in Englilsh & Bengali.

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Book Name: Anandalok 27 April 2015 (Satyajit Ray Edition)
Book Category :Bengali Magazine 
Read Other Edition:Anandalok
Book Format: Portable Document Format file
Book Courtesy: Amar Boi online  

Book Review: 

Anandalok 27 April 2015 is fortnightly and special issue of Anandalok Magazine. Anandolok is fortnightly Indian Entertainment and Film Magazine  in Bengali which Published from Ananda Publishers, Kolkata, India. The Magazine publishes new release film news, Entertainment, star and Fashion, beauty etc news. It also publishes biography, lifestyles of writers, directors, celebrities, stars etc and specials writings, recipes, health tips, beauty tips etc. This edition cover story is biography, memories of great Bengali writer and  filmmaker Satyajit Ray who is called one of the best filmmaker in 20th century. His popular Books are Jokhon coto cilam, ekai bole shooting etc. Download   Anandalok Bangla Magazine in pdf format and Read  Anandalok 27 April 2015 (Satyajit Ray Edition).


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Book Name: Golpoguchha
Book Category : Bengali Novel 
Book Writer: Rabindranath Tagore

Book Review: 

Golposomogro is popular bengali novel written by Rabindranath Tagore. Rabindranath Tagore is Bengali Writer, poet, Song Compser and Nobel owner for literature. He born 7 May 1861 in Kolkata, India and Died  7 August 1941. He got Novel prize for Gitangoli in 1913. His popular Books and songs are Gitanjali, Gora, Ghare-Baire, Jana Gana Mana, Rabindra Sangeet, Amar Shonar Bangla etc.  Download Rabindranath Tagore Books and Read Golposomogro by Rabindranath Tagore.

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Book Name:  Sananda Magazine April 2015
Book Category :Bengali Magazine 
Read More Edition: Sananda
Book Format: PDF(Portable Document Format)
Book Courtesy: Amarboi online

Book Review: 

Sananda magazine 1422 Noboborsho  issue is special publication of Sanada Magazine and published in 14 april 2015. Sananda Magazine is a fortnightly Entertainment Magazine in Bengali which published in 15th and 30th day of every month from Kolkata, India. Sanada Magazine is popular among India & Bangladesh and  more readable magazine for woman for its special article about Entertainment, Fashion, lifestyle, Travel etc. Magazine is publishes from last 26 years.  This edition cover story is  Bengali New Year 1422 (Suvo Noboborsho 1422 edition). It the edition read can know about New Year tradition food, recipe, fashion, summer beauty tips, health guide etc. Download Sananda Bangla Magazine in pdf  and Read  Sananda magazine 1422 Noboborsho Issue (April 2015) . Download Bangla books and Magazines in pdf format or Read online. All links are external and sometimes may not work properly.

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Book Name: Shorom by Taslima Nasrin  
Book Category : Bangla Novel 
Book Writer: Taslima Nasrin
Book Format: Portable Document Format and Bengali
Book Courtesy: Amarboi online

Book Review: 

Shorom by Taslima Nasrin is another criticized and popular book of exile writer, Taslima Nasrin which is first published in 2015. Taslima Nasrin is Bangladeshi Novelist, Columnist and poet. She leaved Bangladesh in 1994 and now stay in New Delhi. She is globally famous for her articles, writings and eassys  with feminist views and criticism of Islam and other religion.She was born in 25 August 1962 in Mymensing, Bangladesh. She is former Physician. Her famous books are Lajja, Ka, Dikhondito, shod, Nisiddo, Utol Hawa, Kichukhon Thako, Ami bhalo nai, Tumi Bhalo Theko Priyo Desh etc. She is struggling  to build support for secular humanism, freedom of thought, equality for women.  Download Taslima Nasrin popular Books  and Read Shorom by Taslima Nasrin (New Book 2015). Find more popular and new books of Taslima Nasrin.

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